A.Good techniques 

Our expert team owns decades of experience, we focus on developing various printing techniques, and constantly create new things. 

Our existing clients are picky and fashionable companies, including the world's top fashion luxury companies L'Oréal, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, COACH, Estee Lauder, CELINE, Pandora, Louis Vuitton, etc.

When maintaining cooperation with existing customers, we have a very high degree of cooperation to meet the needs of customers. We have sufficient confidence to cooperate with future clients. 

B.Seasonal and festival design

We will adopt the current popular elements and the pattern well received by the market. While making our products beautiful and exquisite, we have designed hundreds of products and constantly update the items.


C. Cost control

We evaluate all aspects of the customer's plan and find the appropriate cost plan according to the customer's acceptance.

At each stage, we will find cost-saving and value-added solutions to reduce raw material waste, improve production efficiency, and even logistics freight.

D. Logistics and After-sale Services

One of our advantages is the freight transport in Vietnam: Shipment can be made by sea, air and express,

we also provide DHL and UPS deliver service to clients so they can make their choice depends on their own needs.

we also offer pallet packing service for the clients who has additional requirement.

The port at Ho Chi Minh City is the largest port in Vietnam which enable us to offer effiecient and suitable solutions for your order.