Since the beginning of the establishment, Grace has held the business objective to provide zero-defect products to customers for decades which has gradually set up the enterprise business card in the industry. Quality is the real guarantee to our clients. Grace strictly adheres to the specifications of the quality management system and establishes various effective quality control procedures.


Grace factory in Vietnam covers a total area of 280000 square feet, including three production lines: PP products, ribbons and wrapping paper. The factory has a full set of certifications, and has passed the SEDEX 4 pillar certification, WCA (factory inspection of working environment), GSV (global supply chain safety verification), SQP (supplier factory inspection standard), and has passed the factory audit from Mazon, Tjx, dollar general, Joann and other brands.


  • Quality first: Everyone has the awareness of quality comes first in everything.
  • DoubleCheck at all levels: Quality control should be carried out for all processes / operations of all departments / processes to stabilize product quality.
  • Continuous improvement: continuous improvement is to improve the quality of products and services, andcustomer satisfaction.
  • Customer satisfaction: As the basis for the survival and development of enterprises. We should constantly understand the clear and implicit / future needs of customers, fully meet or exceed customer needs.